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The kit performance is now available also for RSV4 2015 model.


Laser Sample


For all the pilots that dream to customize their rearsets or steering stems we can now offer a laser service.

We can use the laser to write letters on a flat surfaces using different fonts, the number of the letters we are able to write will always depends on the size surface we can use.

The cost of the basic service starts from 20 euro, if you have in mind something more complex you can send us an email to evaluate your project together. 

For further information please check the laser page. 


We are italian craftsmen with a long experience in motorbikes racing parts, specially rear sets and yokes.

Since 1985 we create and develop special parts for special pilots, the journey has been long and full of difficulties... but thanks to excelent quality and performance of our products the costumers rewarded us in all these years even though we are just a little craftsman workshop.

Now important teams and pilots in the italian championship buy our rear sets and products recognizing our work, like Ivan Goi, 2010 Italian Stock Championship winner.

Like every real craftsmen we can just count on the quality of our products, order one of our rear sets is not simply to buy a piece of machined alluminium.

We use just high quality materials for your safety, you can be assured our rear sets wont flex during the race... even if you are a devil on your motorbike.

Besides even in case of racing crash the high quality of the material will prevent bad damages and broken levers, in the long run your money pocket will be thankfull.

We are also proud to offer you the best custom possibility on the market, we have 8 colors available for anodizing and each piece can be colored on your requests.

After the anodizing there are other phases that guarantee a wonderful brightness and colour omogeneity.

Like every good work it needs time and passion, to reach these results it takes at least two weeks... but each pilot has his/her own needs and point of view, so even if you are just interested in performane or don't want to pay too much or you don't have time to wait we have the right solution for you.

You can send us an email to requiring RACING REAR SETS, if available you will get the same quality rear sets without any esthetic working process and a great discount... the result wont be the same but you can count on the full performance.

If in the future you want us to finish the work is not a problem, you will just pay the difference and delivery cost.


Thank you to our job experience we are proud also to escape the industrial logic and offer you the chance to create crafts according to your drawings or special needings.

With us you will have the greatest opportunity to create YOUR OWN MOTORBIKE and have a trustworthy partner in your race experience.

Trust our Made in Italy, we will be honored to serve you.


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